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The Storiart scarves have attracted attention of Luxe&Dream.tv reporters.

Indeed, during the last shooting, the Luxe&dream.tv reporting team has decided to make the interview and to show how the organization can look like.
From the choice of the scenery to the management of the team, model, photographer, stylist, makeup artist and assistants have worked to this shooting.
 Here is the result: among all the photos, 3 good pictures on the theme of the “scream” have been selected.
In the interview, Jonathan BUNEL, explains the choice of the scenery and reminds us to his creative inspirations leading to the launch of the label Storiart: “Recreate some contemporary artist masterpieces onto silk scarves in limited edition”
See below the link of the video:
“‘Scarves’ refers to the lightness of the silk, means the sense of touch; this is something very intimate and very sensual.
In my opinion, a luxury product is something exceptional, with many intellectual references associated to the quality of the materials it’s made.
The concept is to adapt come artist masterpieces from contemporary (and living) artists onto numbered silk scarves. So, we have a common work with the artist to develop a mockup, an adaptation which will be signed by the artist and by Storiart. It is a quality label that we have really developed because all our production is made in France!
The idea is something very personal because it is linked to my experience. I’ve been in science before because I have worked in a research center for textile industry and my parents are both artists. As a consequence, I’ve explained them that new technologies enable to perfectly reproduce canvas onto textiles.
From this starting point, we have investigated to choose some scarves sizes, silk qualities and how to mark a number onto the product, in order to always keep a nearly-unique product.
We have a product which is border-line between art and fashion so we only take professionals artists whose work has something new in the art market. Moreover, their work needs to be in the mood of the times.
So, we need both. At both levels, we select thanks to a selection committee that helps us to take the decision to work on an artist project of recreation.
Here, we are making what we call a « campaign shooting » where we will direct the scarf trying to renew the traditional scarf.
We focus here on a big Luxe contrast, in a mise-en-scène much more artistic and street-art.
Street art is also a style of art that we will adapt onto our upcoming scarves. It’s also a way for us to fade and to welcome artists who are different from modern art that expose in traditional art galleries.”

This article was published on Thursday 02 June, 2011.
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