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Yves HASSELMANN contemporary artist

Yves Hasselmann was born in Belfort (France) in 1948. He now lives and works in the Franche-Comté region.

After studying philosophy, he began expressing himself at an early age through music and painting. He went on to draw from both media the energy, passion, emotion and freedom that were essential in his life.

From compositions to recordings, from concerts to exhibitions, Yves Hasselmann followed a path that rapidly led him to abstraction in painting and a real freedom of sound in music.

He held his first exhibition in Paris at the age of 28. Lively, assured, poised and controlled, his brushstroke mirrors his touch on the keyboard. His encounters with the artists Ladislas Kijno and Jean Messagier were determining factors.
His work as a colourist painter is characterised by numerous series of prints of his environment and of interior traces captured by his memory. The media in which Yves works have become more diversified over the years, and include canvas, paper and metal.

 'Hommage à Kijno' silk art scarf
 'Hommage à Kijno' silk art scarf 
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 'Hommage à Kijno' silk art scarf
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