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Frequently asked questions

Questions/answers on the website :

• Is the website secure ?
The website Storiart is totally secure and supported by the French bank BNB Paribas. The bank handles the protection of your data and your transaction will be carried out in complete security.

• What is your politic of confidentiality ?
When you open an account on the website Storiart, we collect the data necessary for the setting up of the invoicing and the delivery of your order: your name, address, e-mail, etc. Storiart commits itself to pass on these information’s to the only third party involved in the delivering process of your order (transporter, bank establishment…). The entirety of the collected data by Storiart is the property of Storiart. None of these data’s can be lent for any reason.

• How can I create a Storiart account ?
If you want to create a Storiart account, go to “order” then click on “identify yourself”. An insert for new clients will then appear.

• Why should I create a Storiart account ?
This account enables you to purchase at any time on our website. Moreover, giving us your e-mail address will enable you to discover in sneak preview the new Storiart models at an attractive price.

• How can I modify my Storiart account ?
To modify some of your information on your account, you need to be connected to your account. Then in “my account”, you will find an entrance “modify my account”.

• I lost my pass word
If you lost your pass word, when you try connecting to your account, click on the entrance « forgotten password » and enter your e-mail address. Storiart will create a new pass word and will send it on the address you indicated.

• How can I follow the track of my order ?
Once the order is made on the commercial website Storiart, the commercial team will send you an e-mail to inform you of the consignment of your purchase and the number of track of your package.

• return or change of a scarf ?
The Storiart collections are divided in 2:
? The permanent collection: If a product of this series would not be satisfactory, Storiart will propose to change it for another scarf of this category. The return cost will be at the expense of the buyer. ? The privilege collection: This series being a series based on reservation with an attractive price, no return can be made.

• What are the payment modes accepted ?
We recommend to our customers to purchase by bank card(CB,Visa…). The consignment is done quickly after the order. However, we also accept checks. They need to be sent by post at the following address, and specify the scarf of your choice:
Jonathan BUNEL – Storiart 25 rue Vital Carles 33000 BORDEAUX
Once we cashed the sum, Storiart will send you the order.

• Fees and time of deliver ?
The fees of deliver totals up to 14 euros for an order. We deliver our orders with Colissimo by la Poste, deliverable in 48 hours. A number of track of your package will be given to you.

• Zone of delivery ?
The delivery fees (wich totals up to 14 Euros)are destined for Metropolitan France as well as for the Dom Tom by Collissimo delivery via la Poste. For any other geographic zone, we thank you for contacting the export service of Storiart at the following address: j.provost@storiart.com The packages for export are sent via FEDEX after payment in cash, by check or Paypal. The time of transport is flexible depending on the country as well as the delivery dates of the transporter.

Questions/answers on the concept :

• How do the reservations work at Storiart ?
We are setting up reservations for the new models coming up within the collection Soriart. All these models have been prototyped and are ready to be produced. We wish, for the 20 first scarves, to create an event and this way offer to our customers the privilege of benefiting, in sneak preview, of these scarves at exceptional prices. As soon as 10 models are booked, we launch the production and then send the order to our clients.

• Can all the artists work in collaboration with your label ?
They need to be professionals since at least 10 years. The artist needs to be a member of the House of Artists. Each artist can present his candidacy by sending his name and address via our application form of contact setting.

Questions/answers for the care of the scarf :

• How can I wash a Storiart scarf ?
We recommend to our clients to take the scarf to a pressing. The washing machine and the chlorine are prohibited.

• How can I iron my silk scarf ?
Storiart trick : You don’t need a damp cloth like we often think. You only need to set your iron at maximum power, put the scarf back to front, and iron with steam by passing quickly over it.
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