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Storiart, the Art and fashion Label

The label Storiart, design, produce and deal original and luxurious numbered silk scarves, adapted from famous contemporary artists. These art scarves are signed by the artist and delivered with a present box.

An encounter between Art and textile design

Launched in 2007, the Storiart label aimed to bring together two domains that usually plundered or ignored themselves. With no less than about thirty different artists from various inspirations, our designs are the result of artistic co-workings. That makes original fashion accessories signed by the artist and only 100 numbered prints are made for each design.

A childhood history

Storiart is before all a childhood story…
Storiart’s founder, Jonathan Bunel, comes from an artistic world. He grew up surrounded by artists, agents, art dealers and collectors. From exhibitions to openings, his eyes and his sensibility have evolved considering the meetings and the discoveries he made.

A high-end quality, Made in France

Then, Jonathan will become graduate student engineer. Out of school and during a few years, he will learn the necessaries technical knowing to make this “challenge” real. While working in a research center for textile industry, he learned there the modern and traditional processes used by the best French fashion companies.

Selection of the silk and its weaving, all the printing process with the respect of the masterpiece colors, ink fixation, or fashioning made by our “petites mains” are as many steps where the label is very watchful. None of our products exit from our factories if it doesn’t fulfill our strict requirements.

Presentation of the concept, May 2011

Our scarves are delivered with a present box

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Art silk scarf AMARAL
Art silk scarf AVEZARD
Art silk scarf BENETT
Art silk scarf BLIGNY
Art silk scarf BOUCHEIX
Art silk scarf BRESSAN
Art silk scarf CADENE
Art silk scarf CHARRIER
Art silk scarf COROMINAS
Art silk scarf CRISSE
Art silk scarf D'ARMAGNAC
Art silk scarf DELAMONICA
Art silk scarf DREANO
Art silk scarf ECALARD
Art silk scarf EURGAL
Art silk scarf FOLLIOT
Art silk scarf GUENAIZIA
Art silk scarf GUERINEAU
Art silk scarf GUICHARD-BUNEL
Art silk scarf GUICHETEAU
Art silk scarf HASSELMANN
Art silk scarf KRISTOFF. L
Art silk scarf LARRIEU
Art silk scarf LUDIVINE C
Art silk scarf PAULET
Art silk scarf RUGGERI
Art silk scarf SIDOT
Art silk scarf TUAL
Art silk scarf VOGELS
Art silk scarf ZDZIEBLO
Storiart est également administrateur de Les Planches de Surf-Designs