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Silk art scarf 'Sun escapade'

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Silk art scarf 'Sun escapade'
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Silk art scarf 'Sun escapade'

To resume Jean-Pierre Asselinne (art lover)

" A lot of Marie-Claire D’ARMAGNAC’s works join under the sign of the journey. A surrealist inside travel which is also an outside exploration of the space and the time by the supernatural and poetic magic of a painting; frank and beautiful dreamlike surge which opens and moves in real spiritual odyssey "  

In the work " L’équipée du soleil ", the vineyard and the horse are divided our imagination. These two noble themes call remind us the work of the man to domesticate a generous nature, that we have to respect in order to reveal the ardor and the flavor.

The satin shines without dazzling and this scarf which proposes the artist is thus performed with symbols that we reveal unctuously according to the movements the silk.


This model, made in France, has been produced in 100 numbered copies only.

Product features:
Silk: Crêpe-Satin 59g/m²
Dimensions: 42*150cm
Finish: bourdon stitching
Box: 26*23*3cm 


Silk art scarf 'Sun escapade' Silk art scarf 'Sun escapade' Silk art scarf 'Sun escapade' Silk art scarf 'Sun escapade'
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